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I live in Lisbon but my soul is in Africa. Growing up in Mozambique and South Africa, captivated by the beautiful fashion magazines that my doctor grandmother sent me, I never dreamt that one day I’d be posing for them, and later, actually producing their content! Whilst modelling, and starting a law degree, (never finished, neither the international relations one)!, I crossed over to the styling side, becoming a Fashion Editor. This enabled me to live out a dream job, attending fashion shows and creating fashion editorials, with great teamwork, all over the world!
Later, after sixteen years of cocktails, super late nights, long distance travel, countless fashion shows, dressing and undressing models and celebrities, I decided to do a 180º degree turn, and challenge myself. I joined a luxury chain of stores, as their Women’s Wear and Accessories buyer. This was an exciting time, working with and buying, the most prestigious brands in the world.

Being an editor for so many years gave me an insight into buying, for all the obvious reasons, such as trend-tracking, editing, and creating images, about women and for women. Being able to sift through all the “stuff” on offer, and squeeze out the substance, the essence , brought me to launch The Life Juice, a lifestyle brand.


The Life Juice collection is designed and manufactured in Lisbon, Portugal in a 100 year-old factory that specialised in shirt-making and that in the last 50 years it began to make womenswear too. t’s not fast fashion, and the people that work on these garments have done so responsibly for a generation.
As a brand, TLJ strives for a timeless style that avoids trends, that will take a woman through all the aspects of her day, giving her confidence and ease.
The name sums up the curated aspect, squeezing the best out of life.
Designed for a woman with a fearless approach to style, you own it and do with it what you will.


I created the first PJ’s by The Life Juice collection out of a need, as I wanted to have a uniform , but one that wasn’t a sweat suit, that I could put on without a thought, add a pair of sneakers, a tee and be off! On those days that I need to dress up, I just add great accessories, a fancy shoe and it works for any occasion. A two-piece that I could mix & match effortlessly with everything else I owned, pretty much not in fashion, but never out of date thanks to it’s iconic cut.
My mission in life is to empower women, regardless of age or body size, to feel confident and to diminish their time needed for small decisions, and instead to ensure more time for them to LIVE. ”


I’ve worked in fashion all my life, first as a model, many years as a Fashion Editor, and then I jumped to the other side, left the press and worked as a Luxury Goods Buyer, that led me to where I am now. I definitively knew that I wanted to wear more pieces that are mostly timeless, ageless and mostly seasonless, hence my own PJ line.