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Easing slowly back to normal life…

As you know by now, I love to cook, but mostly I love to eat, so its been really difficult this past week, watching everybody eat, lick their lips, while I sip cold soup through a straw! But I’m not complaining, as I’m so grateful to have been able to fix my health problem while so many, here and around the world, do not have this luxury.

As on all weekends, it’s always a cooking fest, Saturday, earthy muffins ( I’ll write this recipe up one day!), and sausage rolls, then Sunday family lunch, duck rice, then later, crepes and chocolate truffles, so by the time the evening rolls in, on a cold, wet, windy Sunday, I’ve run out of ideas! But my better half saved the night by suggesting we make an omelette, and I jumped right in. A frittata was more to my liking, and the combination of cheese and onions is just the best. 

Everyone has these basics in their fridge: eggs, cheese, onions, and a little greek yoghurt, right? So we fried these tiny and very thin slices of potatoes in olive oil and rosemary, sliced up two red onions and fried them too. After beating around seven eggs, we added crumbled goat’s cheese, a little greek yoghurt for creaminess, and poured it over the potato and onion mixture. Let it cook through, then finish it off in the oven, under the grill, whilst adding a couple of sticks of cheese and some fresh basil leaves. 

Serve with a fresh green salad with a simple vinaigrette! 

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