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First Rule
First Rule

I happen to love beauty products, make-up and skincare, and truly believe that what you put on your skin, does make a difference. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to spend loads of cash to look good, quite the opposite in fact, it’s how you handle what you put on your skin that makes a difference. Just a few tips:

  • Be gentle, really gentle. It’s not  like washing or scrubbing a dirty pot, it’s your one and only covering, so no harsh strokes or unnecessary pressure. Love yourself, treat your skin well as it’s your primary and largest organ.
  • Use the last 3 fingers of your hand, one has less strength in them, and because your thumb and forefinger are a lot stronger, you’ll apply more than needed with added vitality.
  • Warm your product, especially if it’s an oil, on your hands and fingers first, then gently cup your hands to your face to impregnate the oil into your skin. 
  • Massage your night cream all around your stress points, your chin, your temples, you inner brow bone and never forget your neck! It goes down South so quickly…
  • Use a mask weekly! Don’t say you don’t have time, of course you do, when you’re on Facebook, or Instagram, or just surfing the net, we’ll all can get a moment’s down time.
  • Use the excess on your fingers to put on your partner, (they’ll appreciate it)  or for lack thereof, on your elbows! The get really crinkly quickly. Sorry if you think I’m being negative, not all , just waring you of the future….

I have my most prized beauty blogs, like Into the Gloss, so loved that I rarely miss a day. A casual and very realistic approach to beauty and skincare, lots of opinions through their reader’s eyes too, Violet Grey, a truly glamorous site full of amazingly beautiful photographs, beauty tutorials and tips from L.A., and of course where to buy miraculous, efficient and fun products, Korean Kosmetics , and for those of you that get inspired by make- up looks, I recommend Beauty is Boring, focusing colours and textures, with gorgeous images. 

My all time favourite products…

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