My favourites by… Manuel Alves

This man is the epitome of cool, with his messed up but oh-so-cared-for-hair, his leather chain around his neck, his perfectly cut suit with a  rumpled look, and always a dashing coat in winter. His signature aesthetics are definitively a very carefree, sensual look, highlighted by sunglasses, always.

Manuel Alves, the first half of the Alves/Goncalves duo,  fashion designers, for years my favourites in Portugal. They designed my wedding dress, and many before and after, and their fashion shows are considered social and fashion happenings in Lisbon. A fascinating man, with varied interests, in the arts, in home decor ( exemplified by their beautifully decorated homes), books and dogs! his favourite companions. His dinners are legendary, the food is homely and local but perfect, the guests a varied lot and inevitably the night turns into a party!

Here he’s shared some of his favourite things, objects that make a house a home. 


  • Posted 25 March, 2015 12:09
    by Manuel Alves

    Sucesso para ti amiga!! Gostei da opinião que tens aqui pelo teu amigo Manuel

  • Posted 25 March, 2015 19:01
    by nica costa macedo

    É isso mesmo! Aquelas coisas que para os outros podem estar fora do sítio, são esas que nos fazem ser quem somos.

    Um beijo Manel.

  • Posted 25 March, 2015 19:02
    by nica costa macedo

    *Essas! (sorry) :O

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