Lost in Transit #1

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but my week kind of turned out a little different than I had planned it out to be!

The title says it all: I’m still in transit in Istanbul and won’t be going to Doha, Qatar, as planned. 

Unfortunately, at the boarding gate here, they informed me ( too late!) that my passport did not have the required 3 month expiry time, only a month and a half, so I wasn’t allowed to board! Instead of going home, sinceI was coming back through here, I decided to stay. 

So from packing for a 39 degrees beach/pool holiday and having scheduled some interesting posts for you, from Qatar, instead I’m in rainy, cold Istanbul for a week.

 I’m not complaining though, this is a fabulous city that I’ve visited twice before, but I packed my gorgeous sandals, lots of sun protection, swimsuits, kaftans, super light dresses and now I’m in 9 degree weather!

So with a couple of T-shirts, a pair of summer trousers, jeans, utility jacket ( khaki) and one sweater, (thank god I over-pack) oh, and my never-used-on-a-trip-before gym sneakers, I’ve managed to get about looking decent and not freezing my bum off! So to those husbands/boyfriends that complain of us women overpacking, then need to borrow our scarves etc, this is when I say, girls, only pack what you can carry but BE PREPARED for anything that comes your way!

This city is amazing, from the European side over to the Asian, the constant noise from the boats, the gulls shrieking, tram bells clanging, merchants shouting, busy traffic, to the spicy smells coming from the donner kebab shops, delectable patisseries, the fish stalls under the bridge, to the babel of nationalities from all over the world and the thousands of cats that roam the city unfazed. Then add a serpentine, weaving, twisting Grand Bazaar ( shopper’s heaven), cool cafes, honest food and an incredible history and it’s a really an exhilarating, enlivening, exciting place to visit. 

I’ve been re-exploring the city, visiting places I’d been to before and some new ones, and I’m compiling a list of things to do, see and eat.

 I’ll keep you posted…



  • Posted 21 April, 2015 18:31
    by isabel rodrigues

    Temperature aside , I think your stay in Istambul turned out to be very interesting in every way. I feel everything you describe, and relive a bit when I was in that marvelllous city. Enjoy

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