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Follow her on instagram and you GET this former model, mother- of -three turned ceramist. Her life in frames mirrors that artistic lifestyle that screams perfection! I’ve known Anna Westerlund (half Swedish, half- Portuguese) for years, we modelled together for a short while, then we worked as a model and fashion editor (me). On one of many shoots, we travelled to Mozambique, to shoot summer editorials. It was a lot of fun, and I found her to be the most charming, sweetest, kindest, super-relaxed and cool model to work with! She’s still just the same  (good that some things never change!), with a gorgeous actor husband and picture-perfect family. 

I came across her beautiful sophisticated pieces in a store in Lisbon, and fell in love with her art. Her career as a ceramist has really taken off. She creates the most delicate pieces, feminine but not too much so, just a slight rustic inclination showing through. I think her pieces have a very Nordic touch but I guess that’s my Latin heritage showing up.

Her personal style is practical and although she does glam up for events, her preferred state of being is relaxed and with her family, always smiling. And I thought to share a little bit of Anna’s world with you…

Describe your style in three words.

Feminine, relaxed and happy.

What do you wear most?

Because of my work, jeans and t-shirt almost every day.

You’re a ceramist. How does that influence your home decor?

It means my home is full with the pieces that did not work well 🙂  otherwise it is a very laid-back, colourful and child friendly house.

Is your work- style influenced by your Swedish heritage?

What is funny is that in Sweden they say it has Mediterranean influences and in Portugal that it has a Scandinavian feeling. It must mean it has a mixture of both. 

Your pieces are very personalised. What are your favourites?

Can´t tell. I think my favourite is always the one that I am doing next.

Where do you like to shop?

I am not much of a shopper. My favourite is going to the market buying food to cook and flowers. For myself, I like to go around Chiado with some friends and go to different shops. I like Vintage Bazaar, to name one. For the kids, I do love Pepe Jeans clothes because kids look cool and happy with them. Otherwise I just think about shopping when I am travelling, I like to discover trendy local shops.

In the ceramists world, whom do you admire?

I admire my teachers work, Helena Abrantes and Teresa Ramos, it is beautiful. I love the timeless work of Lucie Rie. And l´m always looking for new ceramists to see how they work, where they sell, how do they run their business because I find it quite a challenge to be a ceramist.

What inspires you?

Life and love inspire me. Life is a real inspiration if you have your eyes open and your heart full with love.

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