I love pharmacies, anywhere on the globe I’ll run in one. Even if I don’t have time, I probably grab something that has caught my eye and that I want to try out. I’m not terrified of breaking out in green warts in trying something new, I just think it’ll all be worth it in the end. From Morocco to Tunisia, Libya to China or Japan, I guess that the French pharmacy has by far a treasure trove of potions and creams waiting to be discovered. Most of these products can be found elsewhere but my first encounter with my essentials was in a Paris pharmacy. They normally have a huge variety of brands from all over the world. These products, ( I keep adding on though! ) are the core of my cleansing and moisturising routines.

I clean my face with the DHC oil (1), then I take off the remainder of eye make-up with my ever-faithful Bioderma (2). I love and trust all Embryolisse products, from the Lait (3), to the masque (4), and to my tiny secret weapon, the Secret de Maquilleurs (5). It really re-freshens the tired skin around my eyes and I swipe straight over my make-up when I feel tired. Biafine, (6), for a multitude of uses, cuts and burns, but I use it as mask sometimes. Bio -Oil (7) is a thirsty-skin quencher that I use everyday on top of my serum but under my night-cream and on my chest.  When I’m really tired but get a rare insomnia, I swear by these sleeping pills, Donormyl (8), (they’re over the counter), since a French model gave them to me on a trip to Mexico. No hangover feeling like other sleeping pills. Last but not least, the inimitable Nuxe oil (9), for the texture and that smell!

What have you found in your local pharmacy?

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