The perfectly dressed guests...
The perfectly dressed guests…

‘Tis the month of May, the third (universally) most popular month to have a wedding, and you’re probably invited to one or more. (That really depends on your age-group but second marriages also count). Weddings are always a melting pot of potential disasters: your ex with his new 23 year old, your future ex ogling the bridesmaids and getting drunk, relatives you haven’t seen for years and can’t recognize, (they seem to know you… of course you’re starting to look like your  mother!)

 You probably don’t want to go at all, have nothing to wear, and especially in hot temperatures, but you can get through it all with a little caution. 


  1. Don’t wear new shoes, wear them in first (don’t leave shopping for the last minute) so that you won’t get blisters.
  2. That said, make sure they’re bearable, often I suffer but it’s tolerable, and never, ever take your shoes off. 
  3. Blotting paper for your face, keep you looking fresh and poised, not like you’ve come from gym class.
  4. Wear the right (and supportive, if needed) underwear, so your outfit glides on instead of being glued on in certain parts. 

Here’s a survival guide, for you the guest, with prices that won’t break your budget, wardrobe choices that won’t let you down, keeping you cool and composed, at least till the music gets louder, then you can let your hair down!

Garden Wedding

In The City

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