China: Through the Looking Glass

I first went to China, with my Grandmother in 1981, to Shanghai and Peking (as it was known then), as well as Macau and Hong Kong. It was a magical, transformative trip for a young teenager, cities teeming with bicycles and people in Mao suits, and this definitively sealed my love for travel. It also renewed a fascination with China, as I grew up surrounded by Chinese porcelain and artefacts at home. Red lacquer, blue and white porcelain, cheongsam style dresses, vases in  cloisonné  , and Chinese food is as much a part of my life as vanilla ice-cream! Without maybe giving it enough credit, Chinese aesthetics and artistic taste has permeated our fashionable lives. I’ve been back several times since, and I’m never disappointed, but always mesmerised and so enraptured to be there!

The new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, China:Through The Looking Glass, May  7 to August 16, brings us closer to examine the impact of China, through fashion, art, films, porcelain and paintings. Wong Kar-wai, the acclaimed filmmaker is the art director. 

The Met Ball, which was last night, is the annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and since Anna Wintour has been co-chairing since 1995, you can bet it’s the place to be. The theme is taken from the subject of the exhibition, so a lot of Chinoiserie  was on show. 

Photo credit : The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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