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A bulgur salad

I discovered bulgur just a couple of years ago, and together with cous-cous, quinoa and faro, they’re my staple base for a whole lot of salads in the summer. Bulgur, as a whole grain, is naturally high-fiber, low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian and vegan. I cook it just like rice, 1 cup grain to 2 cups water. Then all you have to do is add whatever your heart desires. I like to fry a red onion in some olive oil till golden, then add the bulgur and the water. I also added some zucchini to the onion. 

Two super foods, spinach and salmon, make this an easy, tasty and healthy option to eat lukewarm. This time I pan-fried 2 salmon fillets in butter, made a bed of baby spinach leaves, put my cooked bulgur on top, cut up some cucumber into cubes and layered that on top of the bulgur, (for crunch and freshness), then laid my salmon over the salad and poured dollops of greek yoghurt sauce on top. (You can get the recipe for this sauce in an earlier post, Little Blobs of Sunshine).

Share with someone you love, and enjoy! 


  • Posted 13 July, 2015 12:11
    by France

    YUMMY!!Thank´s Isabel!bjo

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