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M.I.A. (Missing in Action) or Misplaced Isabel Abroad!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting but its been a really hectic two weeks, and I spent ten days between Milan, Paris and back to Milan for the Spring/Summer ’16 pre-collections. It was work, in incredibly hot Paris, 38 degrees, Milan pretty much the same, but since I love my job, it all comes together and it’s so rewarding. 

In Paris, I came across this book that I ‘d read about and decided to buy it on the spur of the moment, ” ALWAYS PACK A PARTY DRESS  and other lessons I learned from a (half a life) in fashion ” by Amanda Brooks. So honest, true, funny and real, it’s much more than just another fashion book!! Amanda made me feel that to be perfect is not a goal, (as difficult in fashion as it is in your personal life) but to find self-fulfillment is, at whatever period of your life you are, there is always more room for self-discovery. All this with wonderful humour, large doses of fashion advice, and real style.

Get it here, at Amazon UK 

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