Farah Fawcett, and those sneakers!

 Sorry, but I’m obsessed, again with the 70’s, and not just because they’re a huge trend this Fall/Winter but because I think it was such glamorous, cool and sensual time. Bad taste abounded too, but it seems to have been concentrated on badly styled TV shows, weather presenters and TV anchors. Another obsession I’ve never admitted to, are my Nike sneakers. Especially my non-workout ones. Somehow they make me feel young, energetic and always look great with anything.

This photo of Farah Fawcett in 1972, taken during the shooting of an episode of Charlie’s Angels, is so iconic of that time. That hair, which my 13 year old self tried (but failed) to copy everyday to school, the wide leg dark jeans, and those super-hip sneakers. So very Californian, so new at the time.

Here they are again...2015. Good things never lose their appeal. NikeLab Cortez'72.
Here they are again…2015. Good things never lose their appeal. NikeLab Cortez’72.

It was in 1972 to be precise, that Nike launched their Cortez sneakers, the end product that Bill Bowerman, the creator, inventor and visionary of  Nike sports shoes, had been working on since the 50’s. They gave a competitive edge to athletes trying to better their performance. 

Now re-launched in 2015, The NikeLab Cortez Textile will be available from the 3rd of September at nike.com/nikelab and NikeLab stores, while the  NikeLab Cortez ’72 will be available from the same places, only from the 24th of September. 

The NikeLab Cortez Textile is available in 5 colours, and in different materials like suede, nylon and corduroy, as well as a 3D logo on an updated version of the Nike Cortez. 

 NikeLab Cortez Textile
 NikeLab Cortez Textile
 NikeLab Cortez Textile
 NikeLab Cortez Textile

My very used Nike collection that I love.

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