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Detox Day !

Just rolled out of bed... one juice down!
Just rolled out of bed… one juice down!

A week ago I was thinking on how to ” cleanse ” my system of all the extra, ( still got to enjoy life!), stuff I’ve accumulated these last 2 weeks in my body. To actually detox means to clean and through liquids, ( so your your digestion works less), and energize your body. There are many reasons why one would do a ” laundering” of our bodies, 

My next four meals of the day...
My next four meals of the day…

6 Reasons to purify your system, in a safe way:

  • weight loss
  • get rid of accumulated toxins
  • healthier immune system 
  • more energy
  • mental clarity
  • thereby better looking skin.

This plan, 1 day or a 3 day kit, from Do!Detox Original, is a simple, easy to follow programme. If you have a busy life, always find yourself eating what you shouldn’t or don’t want to, but find yourself with little alternatives, so you starve during the day and come evening time, you’re so hungry and hit the carbs, but with just a 1 day or 3 of juicing, you can set the time back and do some cleaning. Something our ancestors have done for ages, one day of fasting per week or per month to get rid of stored “poisons” . 

They deliver to your door, anywhere in Portugal, within 24 hours!!

If you, or your friends and family want to join me on my Do!Detox Original quest, and I’d love company, place your order at www.detoxoriginal.pt and use the code THELIFEJUICE ( capital letters, no spacing) and get a 10% discount automatically! 


  • Posted 6 January, 2016 11:27
    by Ines

    Isabel, Não funciona o código promocional. Bjs

    • Posted 6 January, 2016 18:08
      by Isabel Costa

      Obrigada Ines já está resolvido beijinho

  • Posted 6 January, 2016 13:15
    by Ze

    tell you you’ll get addicted. now i do it once a month! 5 days! it’s bliss!

    • Posted 7 January, 2016 17:56
      by Isabel Costa

      Will do too once a month, 3 days! Scared of 5…

  • Posted 7 January, 2016 15:41
    by Ze

    now are you hooked?

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