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100% Energy

What a day! I thought that I was going to feel lightheaded, dizzy, in a bad-mood, but no Grinch -like moods overtook me! Not tempted either, even when yesterday of all days, just talked about food, I visited a kitchen with two chefs, with food all over the place, did I accept a biscuit! So my true testament to the food-less, liquid only day was, it’s doable, I feel great, and I will do it again. I went to gym and just sweated so much more than usual….

Perhaps try the 3 days, and then do it monthly just to keep rinsing out my body. Just make sure you’re always near a bathroom, because juices + water, well, you get the point!

 If you, or your friends and family want to join me on my Do!Detox Original quest, and I’d love company, place your order at www.detoxoriginal.pt and use the code THELIFEJUICE (capital letters,no spacing) and get a 10% discount automatically! 

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