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Vegetable Curry

I think this photograph really doesn’t do my curry justice, it’s too monchromatic. Plus I forgot, in my haste to gobble it down, to put some coriander leaves on top. Take it from me, it’s delicious, and so easy to make. I basically threw in all the vegetables I had in my fridge, and then some leftovers! 

Recipe for 4


2 courgettes, cubed

2 aubergines, cubed

1 cup of brown lentils, pre-soaked

2 cooked sweet potatoes, cubed

1 can of coconut milk

1 onion, chopped small

2 cloves of garlic

1 cm of french ginger

1 teaspoon each of : tumeric, galangal, salt, black pepper, curry leaves, cardomom and chili, as much as you can stand!

Vegetable oil for frying


I usually pound all the spices, garlic and ginger in a mortar, until it becomes a paste. I then dry fry the paste in the pot that I’m going to cook in, so the pot has to be reasonably large. Remove the paste, add a little oil, and fry the chopped onion. Fry until golden, add the paste, mix it all up and then add the vegetables and the lentils to the mixture. Let them all get a good swirl of the paste, and and fry them up to. Then add the coconut milk and cook till tender, not over cooked. Fry some papadums, get out the chutney and enjoy. White rice as an acompaniment is optional. 

Enjoy the moment,





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