A Life Juice Thought…a little reminder.

I posted this almost two years ago, but as mental health issues come to the forefront more than ever before, I decided to re-post and add on some more stuff for you to digest.
Life has many ways of teaching us, re-educating our thoughts and actions, making us face reality, the utter harshness of it. It’s gut wrenching and a lonely road, as it’s always a single journey, mostly unpleasant, but those are the real lessons we’re supposed to learn from.
The good things in life are simply rewards, to remind us that it’s not all lousy, and to motivate us to keep going no matter what!
Go get them,



p.s. Check out this short read, full of good, practical advice on the mental thoughts of successful people.
This book is an eye-opener, for its honesty and in-your-face challenges, are you up to it? I loved it for its bluntness in the face of reality.


Mental health at The Life Juice 

Available in Portuguese here. 

Have a healthy productive week,Isabel


  • Posted 5 December, 2016 16:12
    by Chic Every Week

    Carolina must be someone special so you have dedicated a post as sweet and powerful as this one. I loved the thought, usually when they just came out like this, they are the best 😉

    • Posted 5 December, 2016 18:02
      by Isabel Costa

      She definitely is, I just hope she knows it!! Thanks xxx

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