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Fast Talking about Luxury.

Yesterday, amongst a super interesting panel, I and, Alfredo Oróbio, creator of AwaytoMars,(genius platform for new designers), Monica Seabra Mendes, Luxury specialist, Angela Gilchrist, Editor of Heaven Has Heels, Mercedes Sierra and Javie Delaware, co-founders of the Better Agency in Madrid, (creators of pop-ups with style and edge), discussed luxury, the state of fashion as it stands today and what will be in the coming future, their views on social media and its effects. It was seriously and humorously moderated by the incomparable Joana Barrios.           (herself very clued up on fashion). I spoke about my journey in fashion, from winning a beauty pageant and going to Miss Universe, which pretty much chartered me off course, which was supposed to be Law! So from there to modeling, to being a fashion editor, becoming a luxury goods buyer, I’ve learned so much from each unique experience, always bound by a common thread, fashion and style, and brought that into the next challenge that comes along. Thanks to Rita Rolex  and Moda Lisboa for the invite, it was a lot of fun.

That said, when faced with the question, What does luxury mean to me, it’s not really about the bling on my fingers, though I love them like most women, the initials on my handbag, (all definite and legitimate messages we send out), but it is about the small stuff we get to do or receive which seem mundane but are the real luxuries in life.

Let me tell you mine:

  • Taking the kids to school. How fortunate are we that they can go to school at all and I get to take them, chat a bit, check out their friends,     (before I’m shooed off!).

  • A walk on the beach early morning, when everyone is stuck in traffic.

  • Cooking for my family and friends, showing love in a healthy way.

  • Having real friends, the one’s that are there for you when the going gets tough, they pull and push you along, that’s a true mate, appreciate them

  • My health, never taking it for granted, it’s a true luxury 

  • My amazing family, partner included, which have made me the way I am, full of faults and hopeless dreams, lots of good vibes, but you’ve always been there for me.  

This wasn’t supposed to be all serious and mushy, but I guess it all came tumbling out when you’re faced with choosing/ squeezing the real “juice” out of life. There are simple and practical ways to add luxury to your everyday life, so here are some of mine:

1.We always, every night, have dinner with candles on the table. I started this with my daughter when she was little, and now there’s five of us, and it’s a ritual that’s performed every night.

2. Fresh green stuff in vases, small or big it doesn’t matter. As fresh flowers are expensive, and I only buy them at the market, sometimes just a branch of a tree, a sprig of lavender, basil or mint, (buy it at the supermarket , then use to cook and season), it makes all the difference on your bedside table.

3.Good quality coffee or tea at home. Spoil yourself, don’t skimp on the basics, that’s where you get the most out of life.

4. Use cloth napkins, there’s nothing like it and worth the trouble. You can get them at vintage shops or else any other retailer. The worst thing is wiping your mouth and the paper napkin slides right over it, not a nice feeling! Get rings for the family, and everyone has their own. No wastage like with paper… 

5. Start collecting things that inspire you, that you’re passionate about, that make you relive good memories and place them around the house. It’s your unique view that turns something from ordinary into luxurious! 

Wish you a fabulous weekend !



  • Posted 15 March, 2016 11:16

    I loved your post, and I loved hear you talk at the Fast Talks. Your blog is in my favorites now;)

    • Posted 17 March, 2016 12:30
      by Isabel Costa

      Thank you so much! It’s always lovely to hear from you! xxx

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