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10 tips for holding a great get together/party/ lunch!

A dreaded moment for a guest!
A dreaded moment for a guest!

Before welcoming your guests, take time to read through this checklist, (and add your own tips perhaps), to make sure it all runs smoothly.

1. Place extra toilet paper where it can be reached: Even if you have a small space, placing an extra roll is necessary. No one wants to do the pants around the ankles dance around the bathroom to try to find it!

2. Stack up on ice: If you have an ice machine in your fridge great, this might entail dumping it into a separate container to make more, if not, it could mean buying some, even if you need to use a cooler. A halfway warm drink is never fun, especially in a hot room full of people!

3. Adjust the temperature: If you’re planning on having a full house, and you’ve had your oven on all day, then open a window or turn down the heat.  Have blankets or pashminas on hand if your place is always chilly. 

4. Invite the neighbours: If you think it’s going to be a noisy evening, make better neighbours by inviting them! 

5. De-personalize your bathroom: Although friends won’t fault you for having shampoo in your shower, if you only have one bathroom in your space, making it a little less personal can be a good thing.  I like really clean and uncluttered bathrooms, so I suggest you put away any intimate items you may have out on your sink and shelves. 

6. Have a scented candle lit in the bathroom, as it will eliminate any undesirable odours.

7. Make space: for coats, scarves, umbrellas, handbags and anything else your guests might arrive with! Baby strollers also need to be put out of sight.

8. First aid : This isn’t to say that every party will give you a headache, but being prepared just in case a guest feels ill. It doesn’t hurt to have a pack of Aspirin on hand.

9. Invite fun friends, different age groups, and someone you’d like to know better. That way you can mix up conversation and get your guests to mingle more!

10. Don’t forget: to enjoy yourself, put on some music and relax! That’s the whole point of being with people you like!

                                                                                             Adapted from apartmenttherapy.com

So start organizing, have a great weekend,

Isabel xxx

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