How to wear…Off the Shoulder Tops.

BB so cute, in the 60's.
BB so cute, in the 60’s.

I know the weather has turned again, but never fear, Sprimmer, my version of Spring and Summer, (more or less what we’ve been having these past weeks!), is back next week! 

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This is a hot trend this summer, and so easy to wear. Arm yourself with the loveliest, sturdiest strapless bra you can find and go for it! They come in all shapes, fitted or loose, in many fabrics, simple striped cotton, or silk, and you can wear this style at any age as the shoulders look beautiful always!

I’m travelling to Florence this week and I’m going to love to keep you posted on this particular trip. I’m going to the 30th birthday party of Edgardo Osorio, the designer of the amazing shoe brand Aquazzura. It’s going to be a blast, party Thursday, mega party Friday and a ball on Saturday!!! 

So check in to my instagram, @isabelcostaofficial for a daily update on what’s happening!

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  • Posted 26 May, 2016 10:13
    by Edna

    Off the shoulder tops are such a big trend this season! I’m loving them! I’m thinking of getting a light blue one, similar to the one in the picture 🙂

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