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Back to reality…

My Muffin as a Christmas elf, photographed at the wonderful Hotel do Gaio.
My Muffin as a Christmas elf, photographed at the wonderful Hotel do Gaio.

It’s been ages since I ” talked ” to you, and so quickly Christmas has come and gone, and the New Year has been ushered in! I’ve missed writing and creating stuff for you but the flu really got to me, again, and so I got super behind with my Christmas schedule, and so The Life Juice suffered. But, I’m back, wishing you all the best this 2017. Health, most importantly, we take it for granted all the time, Love, because it makes the world go round, and Purpose, whatever it may be, mother, wife, worker, because without it we’re lost and our brain gets no oxygen. 

Selfie's were never my string point!
Selfie’s were never my string point!

So today was my first day back at the gym, as I really over did it during this period. Bread, butter, desserts, anything and everything that I wanted, I had. Not the best of times, as I was so inactive, but I tend to accept or listen (maybe it’s another language!), to what my body needs and this time chocolate was highest on my list. So to start the New Year, I did no resolutions, just a general Happiness and Health kinda thing, and to help me get to my goals, I’ve started a food diary. Anything I eat will be recorded and hopefully this will lead to a more controlled way of eating. And I’ll feel ” embarrassed ” by the insane amount of unhealthy sugar I shove into my body!

Here’s hoping,

See you tomorrow,



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