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How often do you wash your bra? Be honest.

Does this seem like a ” delicate ” subject? Well it is in more ways than one. Bras seem to be one of life’s unmentionable subjects. They can be supportive, sexy, athletic, invisible, seductive, enhancing, reductive or even restricting but according to statistics, ( whichever you’ll believe! ) between 67% to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Our size changes with age, with weight gain or loss and one has to renew  one’s lingerie wardrobe once in a while.

Most women tend to use the same bra over and over, especially that beige one that seems invisible under anything light, but how often do you wash it? Again, a huge percentage do not wash as often as they should and when they do, it’s thrown into the washing machine with the rest of your wash. This is bad for the underwire, the lace, elastics, closures and even your washing machine. Many a time has a wire come loose and got stuck in the machine. Bras should be hand washed, ( unless you use a cotton athletic bra ), not rubbed in any way, just soaked for a few minutes, rinse and dry. This is the only way the elastics and underwire will last. 

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