Finally it’s here, the Ladurée Lisbon outpost! Notwithstanding our own delectable desserts, especially anything richly made with eggs and sugar, the French, in my humble opinion, absolutely corner the market in fine pâtisserie. The perfection in each gateaux or macarons is constant, the flavours divinely in harmony and innovative, and the textures are crisp, crunchy and freshly cede in your mouth! If that seemed like an ode to sweetness, it was, I love French desserts too!

On par with a blue Tiffany box... On par with a blue Tiffany box… To order and take home. To order and take home.

Created in 1852 by Louis Ernest in Paris, Ladurée was originally a bakery that evolved  into a sophisticated salon de thé, and garnered fame by “gluing” two macarons together with an chocolate ganache.

So if you’re in the Lisbon area, and have not tried any of these pastries, head out to the JNCQUOI counter, these are the ” healthiest ” sins.




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