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For those of you that’ve left it really late to get your gifts together, here are a few ideas to get it together in time! According to your budgets, there are lots of different ways to please your loved ones, or simply those that one has to gift and has no idea what to give!

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Don’t break the bank, or crack your brain, do not stress, here are the solutions!

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Sophisticated or practical gifts for everyone…

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My favourites…

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Remember gifting shouldn’t be a burden, if you’re stuck, try a couple of simple pairings that just say, ” I’m thinking of you” such as :

  • a bottle of good Portuguese red wine, a typical cheese from your region and a box of chocolates to finish it off!
  • a box of fancy tea, a tin of delicious biscuits, and several jams
  • or how about a huge bag of Basmati rice, some Indian spices, some papadums, and several jars of chutney!
  • perhaps a pile of books, only easy reading, and a box of chocolates
  • gardening gloves, mini gardening implements and a bulb to plant in the spring
  • a lovely mirror tray and a candle

Anyway, love, harmony and happiness is all you reallyneed,




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