9 Forever pieces

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If I had to pick a couple of things that are permanent in my wardrobe, the above nine would definitely be in always.  

  1. The KHAKI jacket – I must own 5 of them, one is very light, great for the summer, another inherited from my Dad, another in cotton, and I find they’re perfect for this weather. 
  2. Classic V-neck GREY CASHMERE SWEATER, as you can dress it down with jeans or dress it up with a sequined skirt and it looks amazing.
  3. BLACK SUNGLASSES, always fit into whatever you’re wearing, don’t detract from your face, and always have that star quality.
  4. The ETHNIC SWEATER, I just love, again to dress down a little black dress or to wear on the weekend, it’s great forever piece. 
  5. The SIGNET RING, mostly worn by men, and not all are aristocrats, but looks so cool on women too!
  6. LEVIS 501, need I say more?
  7. NUDE COLOURED FLATS, the kind that go from day, to wedding, to a baptism to a dinner, just make sure you get a really well made pair. 
  8. WHITE CONVERSE, an all time favourite that really has a cool status.
  9. A MEN’S SIZE WATCH, looks so sexy on a women’s wrist, and even now that I ‘m wearing a more lady-like type, I still think that this looks great with everything.

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