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Indoor Picnic

If you’re looking to make a quick dinner, or a romantic statement, look no further than this platter. All you need is a little imagination, a whole lot of presentation, and you’re done. Here I’ve got green olives, mortadella, pastrami with horseradish sauce, duck paté with apple, a Stilton and a Brie, tomato with basil, and roasted eggplant. The only cooked thing is the eggplant, the others  I just placed them here and there to look appetizing. This is light lunch for two but you can easily stretch it by adding another couple of appetizers like:

  • a green salad,
  • radishes and a bowl of salt, 
  • asparagus, fresh or canned,
  • hardboiled eggs with parsley/coriander and mayonnaise,
  • more different types of bread
  • add more cheeses
  • salmon, capers, red onion e lemon
  • tomato chutney
  • sardines
  • sauteéd mushrooms

There’s all this and much more, just use your creativity and put out what you enjoy! Add your favourite drink, craft beer or wine, (mine was white), relax and feast!



  • Posted 24 February, 2017 14:24
    by Ocsav


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