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An overview of the restaurant
An overview of the restaurant

It’s the newest place in town, to eat, drink shop and live. My perfect hangout, as I love to do all of  the above, and I could live in this gorgeous dining room too! Jncquoiis the cutting edge lifestyle concept of the Amorim Luxury Group. Situated on the prestigious Avenida da Liberdade in the centre of Lisbon, and encased in the Tivoli theatre/cinema building, that opened in 1924, is a sumptuous restaurant on the first floor, an exquisite Delibar on the lower floor, and on floor -1, you can find the select men’s brands at Fashion Clinic Men. 

The colour pallette is sublime...
The colour pallette is sublime…

This awesome space was conceived by the catalan architect Lázaro Rosa- Violán, who managed to allow this historical building to maintain its natural beauty, incorporating the existing frescoes in the Jncquoi Restaurant, into a dramatic but cozy looking atmoshepre. 

The Delibar on the lower floor
The Delibar on the lower floor

At the Delibar, you can have a drink and a meal, and shop at the delicatessen that houses both the best of national and international products.

And the men's relocated store. 
And the men’s relocated store. 

If you love books, make a point of stopping by the Assouline corner, where you’ll find a first rate selection of fashion, art, design, and photography books, among others. 

So get ready to shop, eat and drink at Jncquoi, Lisbon’s hottest unique hangout, in April.

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