Italian Style vs. French Style?

Viviana Volpicella or Camille Charriere?
Viviana Volpicella or Camille Charriere?

Which one are you? 

A French Girl…

always looks slightly dishevelled, never perfectly coiffed, either a smoky eye or a red lip, never a “full” face, looks effortless, (but it’s quite a bit of work!), always adds one masculine piece, be it a trench coat, a black leather perfecto or a man’s blazer, not much colour, mostly grey, blue, white and black, invests in classic, timeless pieces, wears her partners cashmere sweaters and shirts, may use a basket as a handbag, normally smokes, can have either long or short hair, can wear Converse sneakers or ballet shoes with equal aplomb, eats everything in moderation, does not tan and pretends “not having anything done” to her face. 

Ines de la Fressange
Ines de la Fressange

Jeanne Damas and Caroline de Maigret. 

Caroline de Maigret
Caroline de Maigret

Camille Charriere

Jeanne Damas, Caroline Maigret, Cecilia Bonstrom.

French Essentials

Untitled #110

Italian girls…

normally have their hair done, and blowdried, more often than not, sexy and long, make up is pretty much a serious affair, what with lash extensions, lots of bronzer and black eyeliner, wear tight fitting pieces, feminine jackets, and lots of color and pattern, are not afraid of body-con dressing, usually carry an It bag, be it Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci or Fendi, love high heels, or some heel, most of the time, usually wears lots of gold jewellery, mini skirts, isn’t afraid of standing out, wears the latest styles, loves her pasta and expresso, lives to be tanned 10 months of the year, natural is not necessarily better so what’s is “done” is for all to see and appreciate.

Anna dello Russo
Anna dello Russo

Giovanna Battaglia
Giovanna Battaglia
Giovanna Bataglia
Giovanna Bataglia
Vivianna Volpicella 
Vivianna Volpicella 

Stylist Elisa Nalin.

Italian Requisites 

Untitled #111

Of course these are cliches, there are very minimalistic Italians and some over the top sequined French girls! So do tell me which one you most identify with, perhaps neither, perhaps more one than the other or a total mix depending on your mood! Fashion is not to be taken too seriously, it’s bad for you health if you do, you can become a real pain if that’s all you pay attention to, as it’s just a reflection of that day’s frame of mind!





  • Posted 9 January, 2018 15:54
    by Radina

    Love this post and the references! I would say I am somewhere in between! I like being a bit over the top with patterns and colours and I also like being quite "natural" with a bold lip or with an outfit styled with a masculine piece.

  • Posted 16 June, 2019 06:28
    by Barbara McNeill

    LOVE Italian exuberance and find French style too limiting, too conservative.

  • Posted 18 November, 2019 16:55
    by Rose

    Really liked the gallery! I only disagree in one thing: having lived in northern Italy for two decades now, I have to say the style you described as Italian seems to belong to the southern part of the country, while the style I associate with Italian fashion is much closer to a Milan-like style, so no tans, a light makeup, and nothing too major with the hair. I feel like the French and the Italian way of dressing are way more similar in the sense that they resemble what you described as French, with the Italians being a bit more femenine, but I’d have to admit (as a French woman myself) that Italians are the best at dressing with exteme sobriety, but at the same time resulting femenine and elegant!

  • Posted 28 November, 2019 18:55
    by Gaye Ogg

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