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Sílvia Almeida, mother and wife, an economics whizz kid that has worked in the financial corporate ranks, and still dabbles in it, has added another feather to her cap. As the author and creator of Glow Chef,  a healthy eating blog that gives you daily ideas on how to feed yourself and your family, Sílvia expands her creativity yet again. I love her approach to food and eating as it’s not too preachy, don’t eat this, just eat that kind of thing, but it encompasses the fun and joy one gets out of cooking and eating! It’s all about giving and receiving! Not surprisingly, I found that we also both love and are curious about beauty products, make-up and creams! And so I decided to find more about her current favourite products as well as her daily habits to share with you.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing I do when I wake up is to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. Then I go brush my teeth!

What’s your beauty routine?

Day: I cleanse my face with Bioderma Sensibio (Créaline) water and then I wash my face, always with cold water. After that, I apply my eye cream, an anti-aging serum by this really fun company called “The Abnormal Company” and my face moisturizer, which is also by Bioderma.

I shower with a moisturizing gel or cream, usually by Uriage or Kiehl’s, and then I moisturize my body with Crème de Corps, also by Kiehl’s. It is the absolute best!

Night:  At night I cleanse carefully: first my eyes with an eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes – either La Roche Posay or Clinique; then I remove all make-up with Bioderma Sensibio (Créaline in other countries); following that, I wash my face with cold water and a green gel by Lierac. I use an eye serum also by The Abnormal Company and an eye cream.

For my face, I am faithful to the original Creme de La Mer. I love how it calms my skin down. Over the years it has gotten to be quite reactive.

I always moisturize my hands before going to bed: first I use a nail oil (Peggy Sage) and then a hand cream. My favorite is Lipikar by La Roche Posay – simple but effective. And unscented!

You eat really healthily, but do take any supplements?

I take vitamins for my hair. My hair tends to fall out heavily, I think it is due to my sluggish thyroid. So I do these treatments for 3 months, twice a year. It has been effective, luckily. It is a pharmacy product called Cistitone.

What do you always carry in your bag?

I always, always, carry lip balm in my bag – I only like the ones by Kiehl’s and Uriage.

And I also carry one or two lipsticks (sometimes three or four…).

Favourite make-up right now?

Right now I am particularly in love with By Terry’s CC cream, along with her wonderful primer that erases decades off my face. I alternate these with Nars’ colored moisturizer mixed with a little sunscreen.

I wear Charlotte Tilbury’s bronzer, Mac blush (called Peaches) and an Armani eyeliner pencil that is kind of khaki. If I go out, I like to do my eyes a bit more. I love the Naked eye-shadow palettes as well as the Too Faced matte one. They have very natural colors along with more playful ones. Perfect to improvise according to my mood.

I am a lipstick addict but I tend to wear variations of the same color: the one I call “my own lip but better” – brownish pink, very natural. In the summer I sometimes risk a red lip, but I blot it so much I don’t think anybody notices.

How do you style and treat your hair?

I do have a “love/hate” relationship with my hair. It is really frizzy and wavy, where as I like hair to be straight. When I wash it at home or the gym I never use a blow drier, I have no idea how to deal with it. So I wash the hair and let it dry naturally, even in the Winter.

As products go, I alternate between Leonor Greyl and Kiehl’s. I wear shampoo and conditioner, always – I am an 80’s girl in that sense. And then I use Moroccan Oil during the summer. I apply a little bit and let the hair dry. Redken has a cream for curly hair that I also like. It makes the waves a bit more civilized.

I know you’re a perfume connoisseur, so it’s difficult to name a favourite, or not? Are you faithful?

It’s true I love perfume and I never leave home without wearing some kind of scent. But I am not a collector. I have my favorites for each season, which I buy repeatedly:

Spring/Summer: Grand Neroli by Atelier Cologne or Gin Fizz by Lubin.

Fall/Winter: Chanel nº19 Poudré, a recent discovery that quickly became my favorite “get closer” scent. It used to be Beige, also by Chanel, but I feel it has changed and just fell out of love with it.

In my gym bag I always carry Jo Malone – either Lime Basil & Mandarin or Grapefruit, both are very uplifting scents.

What do always buy more of even though you’ve got 10 of them at


Lipsticks! I have dozens in that wonderful color I defined above: “my own lip but better”. My favorites of the kind are Viva Glam V by Mac and Dolce Vita by Nars. Nevertheless, Charlotte Tilbury’s have become serious contenders very quickly. I love Secret Salma and Amazing Grace – isn’t that a great name?

Beauty tips you got from your Mother?

My mother taught me to always always clean my face before bed. And I have! There was not one night, no matter the time or the circumstance, that I have not cleansed my skin before going to sleep.

What did you pass on to your daughter?

Clearly, she has got my love of make up. She not only loves it but she also practices it – she is the “official make-up artist” for her group of friends. I wish she was as religious about cleansing as I am, though…

Hope you enjoyed this inside look, what’s your beauty practice?

Have a glowing weekend,



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