The Nokia 3110 The Nokia 3110

Back to reality, just like the Nokia classic, the 3110, I’m back. Sorry for the long absence but it’s just been a little hectic lately and my attention was needed elsewhere. Isn’t it such a cool comeback though, Nokia that is, that after 17 years of being ignored, nostalgia brings back the “dumb phone” icon. One of TIME magazine’s 50 most influential gadgets of all time, ( I confess, I had one!), it now has a long lasting battery so you can talk all day, or be on standby for a month. Now I know you’re all addicted to your smartphone, and check it at least 47!!! times a day, according to a recent study, but maybe this is the answer for a more fulfilling life with family and friends, not as fragmented as it is with the constant interruptions of a demanding phone and its notifications! Even the chicest shop on the planet, Colette, has endorsed this “new” gadget!

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  • Posted 16 May, 2017 12:24
    by Joana Melo

    Dear Isabel,
    I had one too… ages ago!!!!

    Thanks to you, I travelled in time…

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