Me and my Panthère.

One of my first test shoots as a model. One of my first test shoots as a model.

I’ve had this beautiful watch in my possession since the 80’s, and although I’ve worn it on and off, lately I’ve really wanted it back on my wrist. I don’t know whether I’m tired of my heavyish men’s watch, or that I yearned for something soft and pretty that curves around my wrist, but the fact is that it’s the perfect time for a re-vamp.

The Cartier Panthère watch was launched in 1983, and it was an iconic symbol of the 80’s, for men and women and unfortunately discontinued in 2004. It’s always been sought after in the vintage market, as it reminds the wearer of a more hedonistic time, and of a time when watches were worn really to tell the time!

Relaunched this year by Cartier, I’m wearing my timepiece as a feminine slinky slice of history, more like a piece of jewellery.

Today, my Panthère on my wrist... Today, my Panthère on my wrist…

It’s chic, classy, elegant…

Cartier’s Panthère celebrated its centenarian birthday in 2014, after the great cat was first featured in George Barbier’s 1914 painting Woman with a Panther, commissioned by Louis Cartier. The Maison’s jewellery director Jeanne Toussaint thereafter used the Panthère motif throughout the 20th century in some of Cartier’s most famous historical jewels and objects.

Love the music of this short film by Sofia Coppola.

Cartier is one of my favourite jewellers, whose design stands the test of time.

See you,



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