3 Generations of Isabel’s. THe Power is in the Flowers!

The 3 of us, 13, 49 and 72 years old, and we're practically all the same height!! The 3 of us, 13, 49 and 72 years old, and we’re practically all the same height!!

The challenge was to engage three women, of three different age groups, to embody the trending botanical prints in fashion, showcasing this during the Fashion Days of the Vasco de Gama Shopping Mall last week. For first time, I decided to ” come out” with my family, my mom and daughter, something I’ve never really done publically before except for the very few times on this blog. We were the embodiment of a teenager, a 40’s something, and an over 60! It was a lot of fun promoting this fantastic event, a whole ten days where you can get a consultation with one of the many stylists on hand to advise you, and all for free.

For us it was a totally new experience. My Mother has never been in the public eye, and while she is curious and enjoys fashion, she doesn’t really enjoy being photographed… My tall little teen though, as would befit her generation, loves the camera, (unless it’s family photos, then grumpy teen comes back), and I sincerely felt like there was a bit of the old model still in me! It was fun, to get our makeup done by the make up artist Rita Costa, to get dressed in pretty florals and shout out that style has no AGE!

So this next September, when the Fashion Days are on again, don’t forget to book your free Fashion Adviser session and get a new look!

Get Advised! Get fashionable!  Get Advised! Get fashionable!

Have a floral day,



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