In Tuscany, at the Villa I Colazzi In Tuscany, at the Villa I Colazzi

Yes, you read correctly, how to dress a table is an art form. It brings such pleasure to the eyes, from the scintillating cutlery and sparkling candles to the flora that complements the table, the amazing patterns and colours of the dinner service, and finally the food, which is in fact elevated by this montage. I often post my humble table settings on my instagram account, and sometimes here, so I really appreciate this art form. And I think it’s fun, an extension of who you are and what you like expressed in a different form.

Dinner at the Vatican Museum. Dinner at the Vatican Museum.

Last weekI had the privilege of being invited to a private lunch at the Ritz Four Seasons in Lisbon, to witness firsthand the incredible touch of Jean- Françoi Le Dû, who, together with Carlos Pimenta Machado, head up JFC Heritage Designers . Jean-François, French, has for 36 years, been decorating the most beautiful tables for parties, ball, dinners and weddings and together with Carlos, a Portuguese with a background in luxury hotels in Asia, they share a passion for the Arts de la Table, the classic French style of hosting and receiving.

The tables, Chambord, Versailles and Palais de Tokyo, were absolutely divinely set, each one different from the other,  and neither one cancelled out the food, but instead elevated what was already a fabulous fare.

The three marvelous tables

Chambord, a country setting. Chambord, a country setting. Versailles, opulent and luxurious.  Versailles, opulent and luxurious. Palais de Tokyo, minimalist opulence.  Palais de Tokyo, minimalist opulence. Details are everything... Details are everything…

This is a very customised and personal service, as you can choose and have made your very own dinner service, cutlery and decor, just uniquely for you, a memory for good. So for that very special celebration, why not?

Palazzo di Vecchio, Florence Palazzo di Vecchio, Florence Palacio da Bolsa, Porto Palacio da Bolsa, Porto Chapelle des Beaux Artes, Paris Chapelle des Beaux Artes, Paris

So feel inspired to create your own table setting, it’s fun, creative and makes for a special me, even for one.

Enjoy your meals,



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  • Posted 5 July, 2017 08:44
    by Mariana

    So beautiful all!!! Thanks for sharing such creations! Xx

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