The Bikini turns 71!

German Vogue July 2017 German Vogue July 2017

Summer time

It’s been around for seventy-one years, shocking in the beginning, gaining brave followers, hitting its high note in the south of France, the mecca of hedonism in the 70’s. So many different versions, the g-string, full on shorts, the tri-kini and even topless reigned supreme for a while, but it has never lost its appeal.

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Remembering iconic images…

Serena Williams Serena Williams Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot Elle Elle “The Body”. Raquel Welch Raquel Welch Halle Berry Halle Berry Ashley Graham Ashley Graham Ursula Andress Ursula Andress Christie Brinkley Christie Brinkley

So let’s celebrate the female body, the freedom to wear what we like whenever we want, and to stop thinking of ourselves as made up of numbers, percentages, kilograms on a scale, size numbers on clothes tags, or comparisons with one another …

We are made of love, happiness, laughter and good memories and late nights! We are not just numbers…

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