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Alexandra Degryse Alexandra Degryse

This busy mom of three teenage boys is the perfect woman to turn to if you want to clean out/detox/clean-up or simply change your way of life. A certified health coach, Alexandra will help you find your balance to maximise energy, reduce stress and build a stronger immune system, and probably shed unwanted kilos due to bad habits.


Alexandra Degryse


Brussels – Belgium


I have studied naturopathy and nutrition in Belgium and I am a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition- IIN – in New York. But in reality I never stopped studying because nutrition is always evolving. My last training was with Dr. Tom O’ Bryan, leader in gluten disorders.

Her path

I started working in Brussels and when I moved 10 years ago to Lisbon I had the opportunity to work in different hospitals and medical centers. After gaining a bit of experience in Portugal, I really understood that the best impact that I could have to improve my clients health was to help them create a personal sustainable and healthy lifestyle. So I started working on my own and create services and programs to suit different needs.

Her passion is:

Exploring the impact of natural food on health. It is just amazing.

Morning shots

( This would be your healthy breakfast) : a balanced smoothie made with 4 ingredients – 1 fruit (blueberries, mango, banana…) 1 vegetable (spinach, parsley, cilantro…) 1 portion of good fat (nuts, avocado, almond cream…)  1 liquid portion (rice milk or coconut water are my favorites) . After testing many different options of breakfast this is definitively the best option for me.

How I sweat

My two favorites ways to sweat are on my trampoline (I am fan of Lauren Roxburgh training), and in my infrared sauna which is an extremely powerful tool for detox.

Good diet =

A good diet is the one that will furnish you a constant daily energy and that will allow you to get through your day while maintaining a great immune system along the month.

Beauty diet 101

Is mainly plant based, and must be carefully adapted to good quality water and fat.

“Before giving my advices on supplements I want focus your attention on two important points ”

1- I always recommend in first place to find energy sources in fresh food sources.

2- If supplements are needed, which is sometimes necessary. I recommend to be very careful about the quality and amounts of the supplements. For example, there are lots of different brands of omega 3 for which the quality can be dramatically different. It is also true for their composition, their values in DHA and EPA can vary and have different effects. It is therefore always imperative to ask your doctor for advice.

Alexandra coaching at her retreats, find out more about them here. Alexandra coaching at her retreats, find out more about them here.


During Menopause

The most important for treating menopausal discomfort are vitamins E, B-complex, C and A, and the mineral calcium.

Adequate Magnesium and Vitamin D are necessary cofactors in calcium metabolism

Vitamin E is also a key nutrient, because it stimulates the production of estrogen and will eliminate hot flashes.

And of course it is essential never to forget taking probiotic every morning with an empty stomach. ( See, I never knew that !! I take mine whenever) .Enzymes are also very useful for those who suffer from digestive problems, quite common during the menopause.

Once again, the most valuable choice is to introduce a « clean eating » diet and new life habits which include sports and meditation.

     In your 20’s and 30s

Normally, at this time our vital energy is very high. But it is a perfect time to start preventing. A must is good eating habits and regular sports activity. What I observe is that a lot of young adults suffer from chronic fatigue, and to treat it,  you have to change your diet:  remove sugar, processed food and refined cereals. It can be helpful to take OMEGA 3 supplements high in DHA to support cerebral functioning + probiotics + Chlorella. Other supplements can be added if your blood test shows a deficiency.

For Getting pregnant ( I asked Alex this question as I hear about a lot of young women that have a hard time conceiving)

Among my clients, I have had young women that couldn’t get pregnant. I had excellent results by proposing probiotics in order to re-balance the intestinal flora, and to start a gluten free diet. Folic acid is essential.

Furthermore, I always advise before getting pregnant,  to complete detox your organism and for both parents to diminish the level of toxins. Today, a lot of babies are born with a high level of toxins.

For most woman, everyday general care

I don’t like to give general advice, instead I prefer to give each client specific, tailor made  advice as I find the right treatment for each person. My top 4 are :

1- Probiotics

2- Omega 3

3- Micro algaes like chlorella or spirulina

4- Vitamin D3

Hope this helps you kickstart your year, you’re always in time, and maybe make time to treat yourself to a regenerating retreat, perhaps even for Valentine’s Day!!

Keep healthy,



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