This is me for the last two weeks... This is me for the last two weeks…

Ok, I admit, I’m addicted to Netflix, especially it’s documentaries and series, and these last two weeks, besides eating desserts and cheese, I watched all my favourites till late at night, a divine indulgence.  Since I get tips from friends, I thought I’d share with you the ones that really made my year…


This is an incredible documentary, that starts out as a sort of celebration, and quickly turns desperately ugly. Really intense, practically in real time, a totally unmissable watch in view of America’s leadership today!! Can’t say more…


Super funny and warm, a comedy about relationships, kids, family, divorce and aging in today’s world, ( we’re all getting there sooner or later!), with the cast of  two wonderful actresses, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the main roles. Made me laugh out loud so many times, and see myself in the myriad of characters!


Now in it’s second season, such a great performance by Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth the second, the world’s longest reigning monarch. With a another great-grandchild on the way, and a Royal wedding in 2018, it’s a must see of the behind the scenes of this fascinating family.


I love the actor Jason Bateman, and in this series he is the Ultimate family man as Marty Byrd, the perfect dad except for his job. It took a little while to get into, but don’t give up as the ride is fabulously thrilling!


A period drama, no, do not yawn, as it’s gripping and thought provoking, depicting a young Irish immigrant imprisoned for murder. The series is based on true events, a double homicide, portrayed in the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name. A gripping crime thriller for hte next rainy days…

Please let me know if you’ve seen any of these series and if liked them as much as I did, or not!




  • Posted 9 January, 2018 10:49
    by José Cabral

    Confesso que deixei a "Alias Grace" a meio do primeiro episódio e não estou a ver que me consigam convencer a dar-lhe uma 2ª oportunidade. Mas adoro o The Crown bem como grande parte das séries de época britânicas (ainda mais esta por revistar tanto a História da 2ª metade do século XX) e já desconfiava estar a perder um bom documentário quando li sobre o Making a Murderer.

    Vou tomar a liberdade de assumir que não sou o público alvo da Grace & Frankie mas apadrinho esta lista com a condição de deixares claro – mas muito claro mesmo – que começaste a ver o Narcos… em 2016 =)

    Aliás, a culpa de ter deixado o Ozark a meio (vi só o 1º episódio, genial) foi ter saído a 3ª temporada do Narcos. Com uma justificação destas sou ilibado por qualquer júri!

    • Posted 9 January, 2018 12:46
      by Isabel Costa

      Confesso aqui, perante todos, que sim, vi todas as temporadas do Narcos!! Confesso também que enquanto escrevia este post, estava a ver o El Chapo! Não publiquei porque estava a ficar transtornada ( sou sensível ?) com estas estórias verídicas que afectam, mudam e destroem tantas vidas. Mas totalmente de acordo, super bem feitas estas séries,com pedaços de filme da vida real, são viciantes. Adoro comentários, digam-me as verdades

  • Posted 9 January, 2018 16:45
    by José Cabral


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