Do you exchange movies, series and documentaries with friends over dinner? We do, and invariably get some great tips on what’s new.
This is my favourites list, the shows I most love to watch on NETFLIX, but hey it’s not a sponsored post. I don’t watch much TV, thankfully, otherwise I’d be glued to my screen and not read as much as I do! As the cold and rainy weather approaches, there’s nothing like curling up with your loved one, even if it’s your cat, or dog, having a cup of tea and cake, or cheese and wine, and getting lost in another realm of experiences.
Steven Avery, guilty or not?
1. I’ve already mentioned this incredible series. Trending at my number 1, is season 2 of Making a Murderer. This is a docuseries that has captured my attention since the beginning, from how it started off as a simple documentary about a man released from prison after being wrongfully accused. It’s just mind boggling how the American justice system works, and how the family deals with its new found fame as the previous series absolutely resounded with people from all over the world.


Salt, Acid Fat and Heat
Samin, being curious for us!
2. If you’re curious about food, don’t miss the fun and super interesting documentary Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat. Travel the world with Samin Nosrat as she explains why these 4 elements are the basis of tempting food and how each one is so important in the balance of cooking.


Queer Eye for a Straight Guy
The Fab Five
3. The new series of Queer Eye for a Straight Guy comes at a sensitive time in America, when all its values are being challenged. It’s wonderfully uplifting as they always leave everybody that they come in contact with, feeling a whole lot better about themselves and their lives. It’s inspiring, funny, sometimes I shed a tear, but always uplifting!
The driven characters of this saga.
4. Mecanismo, a Brazilian “fictional” mini-series about the corruption scandal that’s rocking the country since 2014 and that involves major businessmen, politicians, statesmen and ex-presidents. It’ll shock you, the endemic corruption that’s so prevalent in this country, and especially now as they gear up again for elections at the end of this week. Not to be missed!


The World's Most Extraordinary Homes
This stunning home is right here in Portugal…
5. If you’re into home decor, design and architecture as I am, this is the programme for you. The World’s MOST EXTRAORDINARY HOMES, a BBC1 production, hosted by  award winning architect  Piers Taylor  and actress and property aficionada Caroline Quentin is such great show. They’re informed, inquisitive and terribly amusing as only the Brits can be! They snoop around, sometimes sleep and have a meal and at times you even get to see the owners of these exceptional abodes.

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