Isabel Costa

Glad you’re here, I’m Isabel Costa. While I grew up in Mozambique and then South Africa, I now live in Lisbon. Exposed to different cultures from an early age, has turned me into an extremely curious adult, fascinated by the world, that loves to travel, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything I want to see, experience, feel, (and eat!).

Growing up in Africa, captivated by the beautiful fashion magazines that my doctor grandmother sent us, I never dreamt that one day I’d be posing for them, and later, actually producing their content!! Whilst modelling, and starting a law degree, (never finished, neither the international relations one!), I crossed over to the styling side, becoming a Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan and later the Style Editor for LuxWoman. This enabled me to live out my dream job, attending fashion shows and creating fashion editorials, with great teamwork, all over the world! It’s not as glamourous as it sounds, very early wake-up calls, sick foreign models on faraway sets, naughty models that snuck out of hotel rooms, but all in all, an incredible life experience at such a young age!

Later, after sixteen years of cocktails, super late nights, long distance travel, countless fashion shows, dressing and undressing models and celebrities, I decided to do a 180º degree turn, and challenge myself. I joined Fashion Clinic, the luxury chain of stores, as their Women’s Wear and Accessories buyer. This was an exciting time, as we opened a new store in Oporto, and the first Gucci shop in Portugal.

Being an editor for so many years gave me an insight into buying, for all the obvious reasons, (trendtracking, choosing from endless options “ the one look “ to shoot, creative thinking), so all in all, being able to sift through all the “stuff” on offer, and squeeze out the substance, the essence for the clients, the life juice. It brought me imense pleasure and I loved every minute of it too!

And that brought me to launch The Life Juice, my own humble blog/magazine of sorts, combining all that I find relevant to my life, to share with you. It encompasses my lifestyle, what I love to eat, cook, wear, my love of decor, travelling, art and books, always my personal style choices.

I appreciate every reader, and would love to hear from you, either your comments on the posts or email me at isabelcosta@thelifejuice.com or catch me on Instagram.

Thanks for reading,