Calling all Kitchen Lovers

A place where you can be creative and give nourishment.

I adore kitchens, as I think they’re still the heart of a home. It’s to where everyone gravitates, even if they just want to get a drink or smuggle biscuits down to their rooms! It’s where I like to create and try out new recipes, looking out towards the sea, and to eat cheese and drink wine, read a magazine, just because. Such a space needs loving care and attention, to be as streamlined and as efficient as possible. I think, that with my Swedish friend IKEA, I’ve perhaps “designed” at least six kitchens. My needs are simple:

  • Clear working space, wood or marble, to be able to prepare food adequately
  • Good lighting – especially over the spot where I chop, peel or dice nutrients.
  • Very few appliances, only the really necessary ones, and more beautiful one, on show. It’s just clutter and get dirty.
  • Natural light is such a plus if you can get it!
  • Enough electric outlets around the kitchen. Nowadays, since we’re so connected, you might be looking at recipe or watching the news on a Ipad and have your phone charging nearby, and you want to make a smoothie. But you don’t want endless cords crossing all over the place…
  • Easy access to everything. I call it the ” TRIANGLE” You need water ( sink), fire, (stove) and cold ( fridge), near to each other in a triangular formulation so as not to waste time.
  • A kitchen pantry is super important, even if it’s tiny but you can keep your essentials with easy reach.
  • When I travel, or even at local Lisbon markets, I search for pieces that ‘ll make my kitchen special to me. It can be a vase, bowl, recipient, whatever fits onto your style.

Photographer: Carlos Ramos

The reasons I love to cook, here, an older post you might like to read.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” – Harriet Van Horne

Calling all Kitchen Lovers

These are a few of my favourite kitchens…

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Any questions about kitchens, I’ll be so glad to help you get yours,



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