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Is he the right man for You?

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person and other stuff…

Yes, what a shocker! Having gotten married earlier this year, I thought I’d better watch this very closely and take notes! Meet Alain de Botton, philosopher and author, who wrote one of my favourite books, The Course of Love. A book that speaks and translates the modern language of love, the misunderstandings, expectations and its everyday challenges. He founded The School of Life which is based in London, and has bases all over the world, and proposes an emotional education concentrating particularly on the issues of Work and Relationships. So Alain is in a good position to tell us more about this…

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PJ's by The Life Juice

PJ’s By The Life Juice

Hello, long time no hear from me! Sorry, but I’ve helping a friend get a dress and a bunch of other stuff for her wedding at home and it’s been hellish! Last week I did an in – depth (for me) interview for Executiva.pt. and I just want to share it with you below. This all came about at delicious and really interesting networking breakfast at Hotel Palacio Verride in Lisbon. I worked with Maria Serina and Isabel Canha, the mentors of the site, years ago at Cosmopolitan and it’s been a pleasure to see them make such a success of…

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The gift of Life

The Gift of Life

Do you breathe in and out without thinking? Do you take every sunrise and sunset for granted? How often do you appreciate all the things you once wished for and now have? I fall short of my daily gratefulness by a long shot but I try to be as conscious of all LIFE as much as I can, breathe fully, feel the sun and the wind on my face, and give thanks for being alive. Last week, my sometimes sweet but always truculent teenage daughter sent me a link to a text. She never sends me banalities and this wasn’t…

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Ellen deGeneres

Do we really need Pink stuff?

This woman is really cool, she’s funny, dresses like an original Hollywood star would in today’s age, and dances with style. This mini video of Ellen talking about a new pen for women is hilarious! She’s so right! What do you think? Are we’re targeted to spend more on pink s**t we don’t need? Have a good weekend, Isabel xxx  

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The Green Goddess

Alexandra Degryse This busy mom of three teenage boys is the perfect woman to turn to if you want to clean out/detox/clean-up or simply change your way of life. A certified health coach, Alexandra will help you find your balance to maximise energy, reduce stress and build a stronger immune system, and probably shed unwanted kilos due to bad habits. Name Alexandra Degryse Provenance Brussels – Belgium Background I have studied naturopathy and nutrition in Belgium and I am a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition- IIN – in New York. But in reality I never stopped…

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