Rixo London

5 Unmissable Fashion Brands

Hey all you Lifejuicers, getting the most out of life, get an inside look at these brands. They’re not on everybody’s radar just yet, but they will be soon, just like the little handbag curated post that I published a while ago, and now these bags are everywhere! No, I’m not a wizard but I’ve got a feeling for these things and I like to share my “secrets” with you! RIXO LONDON Have a look here at this new brand that rocks the 70’s like no one else! The dresses are so diva style, I love the cuts, sensual but…

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frances-mcdormand Met Gala

Going to Heaven or to Hell?

 It was such a hit and miss fashion evening last night at the Met Gala. Some went totally over the top and others kept it so simple and wearing nothing related to the theme. This line up seems particularly overdone. SJP, would’ve been a divine image as the dress is truly rapturous, except her headpiece, as last year’s was too, seems excessive. Zendaya is straight out of King Arthur’s legends, Gigi looks like a mermaid, KK could’ve been more creative, some sleeves would’ve taken it to a more ” spiritual ” level, and Madonna’s look, well, it feels like she’s…

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