So I’m going in for the big haul, trying to stay off alcohol for three months! I started, quite a cliché, on the 1st of January mostly because I was sick but also as a cleanse and a deflating effort. Feeling bloated and puffy, it was time for a detox. Suffice it to say that Saturday I broke my fast, yes! I’m that weak, with 2 glasses of Champagne and 1 glass of red wine. It was Saturday, a long and late lunch with friends on a boat so I forgive myself and will carry on regardless. But is it hard? Hell yes! and it will be worth it especially to cut down. now don’t get me wrong, I don’t by any means drink everyday, or get drunk on the weekends, and food does taste better when well accompanied, but the sugar in alcohol are just empty calories and stored as sugar in our bodies and I really do not need that. And I WILL NOT have a drink if I’ve had a long day, especially under those circumstances. So if the meal is fantastic and deserves a glass of wine, why not? But no to cocktails as those are a complete ” dessert “, all calories and not as much fun as dessert to me.

Dry January + The Life Juice
Photo by Ingrid Hofstra on Unsplash
Check out this alcohol unit calculator and see exactly how many calories you’re imbibing with a few cocktails and glasses of wine.

And how drinking defines our social life…the unifying effects of alcohol .

Here’s to you, and my dry week,



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