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LADURÉE + The Life Juice
LADURÉE Macaron Rose Lychee Heart

I’m an incurable romantic and believe love and friendship should be celebrated everyday, in the smallest of ways to big generous gestures. For me, a huge generous gesture is not only a physical gift, or a weekend away, but also the generosity of spirit. Such as, when we are sure we’re right but gladly, and simply say these magical words, “…yes dear ”  to avoid a potential a confrontation, that’s romantic and considerate.

Valentine’s day is a relatively new celebration in Portugal, not unlike Halloween, but everybody, commercially that is, has taken to it. So it is red hearts, pink fluffy bears and flowers all over the place, on the radio and on TV too. And the few times we’ve gone out for dinner on Valentine’s day, I’ve hated as it’s just couples. Every single table is a table for two, as if there is only one day to forcefully celebrate and to show your love, and why not celebrate the other relationships in our lives too ?

I’d love to see friends out for dinner, work colleagues, mom’s and daughter’s or dad’s, or with your favourite member of the family or your grandmother…just share a meal with a special someone that day.

Actually there a three meals possible, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so go for it! We’re having dinner at home, my husband is cooking, a promised dinner much anticipated by me. With two teens present looming over us!

LADURÉE + The Life Juice
Dinner for two, whomever your better half may be at Ladurée


My favourite crimson/pink/fuschia/cardinal/rose things…

Carlos Gil + The Life Juice
Blouse, Carlos Gil


Pants, Nuno Baltazar

Aquazzura + The Life Juice
Aquazzura Forever Marilyn flats
Gustoko by Paula Figueras + The Life Juice
Fibre clutch from Gustoko by Paula Figueras
Zara Home + Bordalo Pinheiro + The Life Juice
Zara Home by Bordalo Pinheiro
And last but not least,
Vintage diamond and ruby bracelet
Jewellery & The Life Juice
Vintage 1950’s love pendant, diamonds and rubies, both at 1stDibs.
Valentine's Day + The Life Juice
Carved ruby cufflinks for your man at 1stdibs


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