Fatherhood today.

The Vanderloo's - Fatherhood
Mark Vanderloo

Last year I met him at an event here in Lisbon. He was sitting in his tux rather forlornly in an armchair, while people just swarmed around him, and I stooped to say hi, he quickly got up to say hello as if we were long time friends, what a nice guy!

Perhaps if you’re younger, and male, you won’t remember this father, Mark Vanderloo, the top male model of the 90′ s and a total dish. But if you’re a woman, and closer to my age!, you’ll undoubtedly remember his famous campaigns for Calvin Klein, Boss, Valentino, Armani and especially DKNY with his then girlfriend and later wife, Esther Canadas.

The Vanderloo's - Fatherhood
Massimo Dutti S/S ’19 collection

He appears this season in the Massimo Dutti campaign with his son from his second marriage looking like the magnificent fifty- year old that he is.

Here’s to father’s everywhere, wherever they may be, that they have the maturity to lead their children wisely, the compassion to understand their faults, to respect their choices with love and understanding, knowing that they may be very different from theirs and to me, the most important thing, to believe in them!

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