It was such a hit and miss fashion evening last night at the Met Gala. Some went totally over the top and others kept it so simple and wearing nothing related to the theme. This line up seems particularly overdone.

SJP, would’ve been a divine image as the dress is truly rapturous, except her headpiece, as last year’s was too, seems excessive. Zendaya is straight out of King Arthur’s legends, Gigi looks like a mermaid, KK could’ve been more creative, some sleeves would’ve taken it to a more ” spiritual ” level, and Madonna’s look, well, it feels like she’s done it before! And since she was the first to challenge and weave her Catholic upbringing into the world of Pop in the 80’s, I think she should’ve gone in another direction and charter her own territory again.

The 80’s Madonna
My glorified favourites…

Anna Wintour, the matriarch of the evening looked stunning, as did all the stars that went in Louis Vuitton.

met ball 2018
Rosie Huntington- Whiteley
met ball 2018
Anne Hathaway
met ball 2018
Jennifer Connelly
met ball 2018
Priyanka Chopra

For me one of the worst, together with Rihanna, Katy Perry’s exaggerated saintly image.

met ball 2018
Katy Perry
There are so many more that I found fabulous, the Olsen twins looked beatific, Diane Kruger was picture perfect and Rooney Mara, the runaway nun. Have a look at all the photographs here.

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