Happy Weekend!

Finally we’re feeling a little more wintry, as the rain and the cold settle in. Here is a little of what I found interesting this week for you to check out or do this weekend!


Yes, perhaps I am obsessed with pumpkins but they are in season and this recipe from Leela*Cyd, Pumpkin, Sage Cannelloni ticks all the boxes.

From Leela*Cyd
Pumpkin Sage Cannelloni
From Leela*Cyd
The ingredients for this magic dish.

This loft is a combination of industrial chic, rough edges and some surprising touches which makes it a whole lot of fun. It’s from a site that I love to look at once in a while called Desire to Inspire for inspiration and just sheer pleasure.

Industrial loft
Is a style that works for you?
Less screen time, and more reading…

It’s going to rain most of the weekend, what are you going to read? Here are 100 best non-fiction books of all time according to The Guardian. To be honest I’ve read only two on this so I’ve got far to go!

Weekend with The Life Juice
Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama.
 Afuri Restaurant in Chiado
My favourite dish at Afuri, the pork ramen, the Whole of the pork!

My favourite place to go for a warm and cozy dinner, and I mean cozy food wise, is a new fine ramen place in the heart of Lisbon. The cocktails are amazing, a whole lot of them made with Japanese whiskey, diverse and very delicate and easy, too easy to drink. There is also sushi, being a Japanese restaurant, but the ramen are sheer perfection. Having already 17 outposts in Japan, 2 in the U.S., Lisbon is the first place in Europe. Encompassed by the Atlantic ocean, here is where the fresh ingredients are always of the highest quality. Try the cold ramen with Yuzu, divine!

Weekend with The Life Juice
At Afuri, the open kitchen for all to see.
 Afuri Restaurant in Chiado
Ramen cooking.
 Afuri Restaurant in Chiado
The fried chicken is a must!

A restful weekend to you all,









  • Posted 11 November, 2018 19:15
    by Maria do Carmo Marques


    Highly recommended !

    Thank you for the tip .

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