Restaurant Eleven by The Life Juice
Tempting and stunning.


If you think that fine dining is a serious affair, a special occasion or only during the evening, think again. The Eleven restaurant in Lisbon, possessing one of the most beautiful views in town, and two Michelin stars, has just launched a set lunch menu. The ” Business Lunch ” menu, with the addition of vegetarian options, is comprised of an entree, a main and a desert.

The freshness, creativity and quality that we’re so used to from Chef Joachim Koerper is present in each dish, and as always, ingredients are in season, dishes are elaborate, created with patience and love, terribly refined but fun. 

This vanilla bavarois with honey ice-cream was as exquisite as it looks, appropriately called ” The Bee Sting “.

The Life Juice at Eleven Restaurant

The Life Juice at Eleven Restaurant
Artistry in food.
Served from Monday to Saturday, the menu changes every week and prices are 28€/person (two courses) or 35€/person (three courses), and to find out what is this week’s menu, log into Eleven’s  Facebook or  Instagram .
The Life Juice at Eleven Restaurant
If you do get bored with the view, ( highly unlikely), you can gaze at reproductions from the Museum of Arte Antiga in Lisbon.


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