The Life Juice is back

I’ve missed you, and I’ve not been able to share anything with you, but that was due to the fact we were re-designing the blog.

I wanted a fresher look, to be able to post more content, and  also have a simpler way for you to send me your comments. So, because I’m a Type A woman, a perfectionist to the core, (which can be stressing and tiring), everything takes longer so it can be as superb as possible for you.

I so hope you like this new format as much as I do!

The categories are mostly the same, just renamed so check out Wellness and Beauty, or Travel and Decor, and be sure to visit my Services page in case you need any fashion advice or help.

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Hope to hear from you soon,




  • Posted 10 April, 2018 18:03
    by Pedro

    Looks great Isabel, well done!

    • Posted 10 April, 2018 18:04
      by Isabel Costa

      Thanks! Labour of love.

    • Posted 12 April, 2018 15:17
      by Beatriz Águas

      Depois do Observador on line esta é a minha newsletter matinal! Bjs

  • Posted 10 April, 2018 18:33
    by Leonor

    Ainda bem que voltou, adoro o seu blog!! Parabéns , está girissimo.

    • Posted 10 April, 2018 18:42
      by Isabel Costa

      Querida Leonor, obrigada! Por favor diga me o que quer ver mais. Beijinho

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