Weekend with The Life Juice

Happy Weekend!

Finally we’re feeling a little more wintry, as the rain and the cold settle in. Here is a little of what I found interesting this week for you to check out or do this weekend! FOOD Yes, perhaps I am obsessed with pumpkins but they are in season and this recipe from Leela*Cyd, Pumpkin, Sage Cannelloni ticks all the boxes. DECOR This loft is a combination of industrial chic, rough edges and some surprising touches which makes it a whole lot of fun. It’s from a site that I love to look at once in a while called Desire to…

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Restaurant Eleven by The Life Juice

Have a Michelin star, or two for lunch…

    If you think that fine dining is a serious affair, a special occasion or only during the evening, think again. The Eleven restaurant in Lisbon, possessing one of the most beautiful views in town, and two Michelin stars, has just launched a set lunch menu. The ” Business Lunch ” menu, with the addition of vegetarian options, is comprised of an entree, a main and a desert. The freshness, creativity and quality that we’re so used to from Chef Joachim Koerper is present in each dish, and as always, ingredients are in season, dishes are elaborate, created with patience…

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healthy+delicious+clean deserts

If you haven’t realised this by now, I’m telling you like it is – I’ve got mammoth sugar cravings! Almost always, I love to eat “little” something sugary almost every day. Sometimes I can keep it to a square of dark, 80% chocolate, other times it’s gummy bears! To curb my sweet tooth, I try to make healthier versions of my passions and I found this guy on instagram that’s helped me to do this! This is Arman, @thebigmansworld, that makes deserts and sweet that are snacks are “almost’ guilt free. His recipes for fudge, brownies or Peanut Cup Breakfast…

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Best eats in NY

10 of My Favorite New York eats

View from my local café at breakfast: egg white and spinach omelette, kale green juice +Coffee to go! This is not an easy task by all means as the Big Apple is full of amazing restaurants, opening at a fast rate. But these suggestions are tried and tested by me, having been there just a month ago on a food frenzy! I follow David Chang of Momofoku fame on Instagram and have been dying to try his food. I was not disappointed, as I loved both Ssäm Bar and Momofuku noodle bar,  they’re a little different from each other, but if…

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Apricot bars glowchef

Yummy Healthy Apricot Bars

    Just for for you, a healthy snack created by my friend Silvia, alias, the Glowchef, whom I interviewed here earlier in the blog. They’re easy to make, no fuss, no muss and NO cooking! Take them wherever you go so that you don’t munch on rubbish snacks. This time in Portuguese and in English. Barrinhas de Alperce e Amêndoa Um ótimo snack cheio de sabor, de fibra e antioxidantes. Ingredientes para uma forma quadrada de 20 * 20 cm Raspa de meio limão biológico (não encerado) 220 grs de alperces secos biológicos 220 grs de amêndoa pelada 1 colher…

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