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With her ” pet crocodiles ” around her neck  from Cartier.

She was born in 1914, but she was a woman very ahead of her times.The Mexican film diva left us with images of her inerrant style, and her bold attitude to life. Having being married four times, she’s as famous for her acting as for her quotes on how to deal with life. Her jewelry collection was incredible, ( we share the same fascination and love for serpent and snakes pieces), and Cartier was probably the maker of her most grand treasures. If want to read more about her treasures, here is a very interesting blog post from The Adventurine.

Maria Felix + Style Icon

Everything she’s wearing seems to be timeless, from her effervescent evening gown to her day dresses and to her wearing trousers when it was so frowned upon. Her clothes are beautiful, her accessories perfect, her jewellery was divine, but what set her apart, and you can garner this from these old photographs, is her ATTITUDE! Her defiant expression, her totally aggressive yet feminine approach really threw a lot of people off, but inspires me!

Maria Felix

Maria Felix + Style IconThis looks like this autumn/ winter ’18 fashion must. What is everlasting style? This a perfect example..
One of her quotes, funny as hell!

Maria Felix + Style Icon

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