My 5 Favourite Instagram accounts

As an early convert to Instagram, ( I have to admit I don’t like FB at all ), I cannot get by without my daily fix of the people that I’ve grown to love over the years, or others that are new! These Fab 5 are the more generalistic accounts , they’re the ones that I think are unique, that make me laugh, inspire me do more in the home or simply read about THEIR fabulous lives!


My love affair with Serena starts firstly because she loves Africa, its space and dimension, lives in Cape Town, secondly because she is as passionate about her dogs as I am, and thirdly, her truly aesthetic taste. Oh, I forgot to mention her style, humour and  decorating skills. Her boundless texts are an enlightening read, be it about an historical home or garden, or about the nature that surrounds her, her travels, I’m always better off for reading her posts.

My 5 favourite Instagram accounts
Her colorful life…
My 5 favourite Instagram accounts
Her homes…


This is such a funny account, a collection of the most ludicrous things that people say in LaLa Land!  And they never disappoint. I love L.A., but sometimes it seems like the most cuckoo place on earth!

Favourite Instagram Accounts @ The Life Juice
Incredulous comments…


Peter Joseph Souza has been the Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Born in the U.S. of Portuguese ancestry, he started to post photographs of his Obama years in  2016, reaching 2 million followers in August this year. Quietly contrasting the previous White House family with the one now in occupance, he tells his story through images. Elegantly.

Favourite Instagram Accounts @ The Life Juice
Obama in Japan by Pete Souza


The Life Juice + My favourite 5 Instagram Accounts
A relaxed and fun couple



Images and videos that make me hanker for the old days, on some days, when I’m fed up with tennis shoes and ugly fashion! From the 20’s to the 80’s, if you’re a fashion lover and reminiscer, this is the account to follow!

My 5 favourite Instagram accounts
Backstage in 1954 at the Pierre Balmain fashion show.
My 5 favourite Instagram accounts
Paulina, my favourite model of the 80’s



The storyteller of dogs, he first started out only shooting dogs in N.Y. and now it’s nationwide. The mini bio accompanying the photographed dogs is the essence of this account already published into a glossy book that is absolutely stunning, I bought it for my Mom, herself a follower of this canine enthusiast. There is no perfect good looking dog, they’re all pretty special.


My 5 favourite Instagram accounts
Percy, Jeremy and Compass


My 5 favourite Instagram accounts


Hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more of my fave accounts, next time more specific!






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